A Mother ‘s Love 2023 | Dana

I enjoy that each year for our annual A Mother’s Love event we seem to have a variety of repeat and new mothers with their children come and a range of ages of kids. And I also love that it’s not just something for a mother of girls. As often there are more boy moms even and that’s how the first 3 sessions of the day started out this time! However it works out, it’s always a day filled with love, adorable smiles and lots of cute moments!! Celebrating motherhood and recognizing these amazing women as they raise their children and navigate each new stage with inner wisdom, patience and grace. They are inspiring and spread love far around their own children and families.

I told this beautiful mother many times that she needs to be so proud of these handsome boys of hers! They were very cooperative, loving and sweet! The tighter crop of them cuddled in close together is one of my favorites from this spring!! You can really feel the love and adoration in that photo! I’m very glad Dana came again with her sons. They are growing up so much and made it really easy and fun to photograph them! With their mama that is kind, gentle and wonderful to be around. Dana will be graduating from Western Remedial College of Massage Therapy this June and also has a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. I’m happy to share her information with anyone looking for a massage therapist in Weyburn!

Here are links to previous A Mother Love photo sessions of theirs:

2021 | 2019

A Mother’s Love 2023 Vendors – Makeup: Andie Littlejohn, Hair: Teagan Morrison and Flowers: Brady’s House of Flowers. Special thanks to Cedar & Vine for renting this space.

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