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It has been a dream of mine for years to photograph a dancer. With a little twist as for the location I had in mind. And this amazing photo shoot of a talented, professional dancer on film was very much a dream!!! It was exciting to have Autumn featured on The White Wren in the spring and I just realized recently that I haven’t even shared Autumn’s shoot here on my own blog. I had a front row seat to a private show and I was in awe as she danced. Autumn is graceful in her every move. She moves her body so beautifully and effortlessly. So it was truly a beautiful sight to watch her dance and capture it on medium format film. I love how film captures movement and added to the magic of our evening together. Autumn is a very sweet gal and wonderful to work with. Waiting for the film scans to come back was the hardest part as we were so anxious to see how it all turned out! She really put the golden in golden hour that day!!

The idea I had in mind was to dance in an unusual studio. I’d say we succeeded!! On a gorgeous, sunshine-filled summer evening. From shooting in a rustic old barn where the light was magical as it twinkled through the open slats. To an antique, blue car in prairie surroundings and a gorgeous pasture. I was constantly in awe of her talent!! We wrapped up the shoot with Autumn dancing in the hills of the pasture as the sun met the horizon. Taking a few double exposures as well which is always fun and a challenge. Trying to envision on the fly how things will align and the final image will turn out as it’s created in camera. Choosing favourites from this shoot is impossible. So enjoy a long scroll of light-filled images that allow you to feel the movement! I’m not a dancer so I appreciated that this beautiful gal trusted my ideas and the incredible moments I got to capture. It was a perfect summer evening and truly so much more than I had dreamed this shoot of a dancer on film to be!!

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