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Meeting up in Cochrane this spring brought things full circle as the first time I photographed this beautiful gal’s family was in Cochrane. Then a couple times since I’ve had the privilege of capturing their family closer to home for them in Edmonton. Time really flies along as this year was a new milestone for their family. The first child to graduate and a request that I would photograph her graduation photos in the mountains. Wearing a grad dress made just for her by her Grandma. It was an adventure and we all had a wonderful time!!! I’m so glad I got to document this exciting time and capture these memories. They were easygoing and fit into my May long plans for being in Banff. I love how it all worked out!!

We left Cochrane early in the morning with thick smoke in the air. It was dull with a pink dot rising in the grey sky. As we got closer to the mountains we could see some blue sky in between the mountains. It was like the mountains were a wall as it was a welcomed surprise how completely clear and sunny it was once we were actually in the mountains. We headed to an open, grassy area in Canmore then went to the Engine Bridge. Carrying on we headed for the lakes north of Banff and ended up with the stunningly blue Two Jack Lake for a backdrop. Mia is a sweet young lady with a smile that just makes you smile and laugh along with her! This was a delightful, happy morning spent together in the sunshine and beautiful mountain surroundings!! There was another part to these graduation photos in the mountains that I will share soon!

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