Launch Giveaway Photo Shoot | Jola + Wyatt

These two were so much fun to photograph!! Jola was very excited when she won my launch giveaway lifestyle photo session! We realized that we briefly met at her uncle + auntie’s Mainprize wedding last summer when she was in front of my camera during their extended family photos. So it was great getting to work together and get better acquainted!! She’s beautiful and such a sweetheart. So thoughtful and kind. With a request for photos with her boyfriend to be taken in crops we lucked out with the location as many farmers were cruising along with harvest at this time of the season. The options in our local area were changing rapidly! However along the road by my Dad’s farm, there were still durum and flax fields standing with a pasture between too. Thanks to the farmers renting the land for letting us have their ripening crops as a backdrop!!

It was lightly misting when we started. This fall day on the prairies was cool and overcast but these two smiled, were playful and cuddled in close! With very busy work schedules they did good to relax and enjoy the photoshoot even after their workdays. They’re a really nicely complimented couple and it’s cute to see the way they make each other smile. We went from a wheat field to running in the pasture and ended in a golden flax field. They made it really enjoyable to capture their connection and happiness!!! Launching Jenelle Quigley Photography in early August with a launch giveaway felt like a nice way to give back for all the support I’ve be received over the years. Having time with these two I felt like I was a winner too. Lucking out with a wonderful, fun couple to photograph!

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