Mainprize Beach | Andie and kids

Another photo session by the lake at Mainprize Beach. With a beautiful, loving mama and her fun kids. That are really growing up so much!! It clouded up closer to sunset but the water and air were still very warm. Promising to start off with cold treats from the lake store made it more appealing to the kids on a hot, summer evening. Ice cream and hot days just go together! And it made for cute photos with their Mom too. Then into the water they went!

Andie is a wonderful Mom that I’ve always admired the way she raises and speaks to her children. Always with a lot of positivity and love!! We’ve been wanting to get out boating together and it hasn’t happened yet. So let’s hope we still have many more lake days and an extended summer! There was another part of photos with their family that I’m excited to share soon from a sunny evening at their farm too. Time with this special friend is always enjoyable!!

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