Okanagan to the Coast | Part 1

We enjoyed a getaway in the fall that took us from the Okanagan to the coast and across to Vancouver Island. We flew out to BC and back to maximize days away from home. Having time to visit family and friends in different areas and explore some new places as well was really nice. I took lots of photos so I’ll split my blog posts into 2 parts. Starting with the scenic Lake Country and Vancouver area in this one and then another of our time on Vancouver Island.

We flew to Kelowna as I have 2 sisters and their families that live in the beautiful Okanagan area. We had a great time with them! Along with enjoying views of the lakes and also went on a couple hikes. I like visiting late in the fall when the days are usually fairly warm and there are still lots of fall colors. It feels like an extension of our fall!

I have heard about the Myra Canyon Trestles trail and have wanted to see that area. My sisters that live in the Okanagan suggested we go there one day so I was thrilled! As we drove up there the temperature dropped and there were snowflakes falling. We weren’t prepared for that! We could see a storm moving in so a couple miles in we headed back. Now we want to go back in the summer when we can bike along the trail and cross the trestles!!

From the Okanagan we visited friends in Sicamous and Kamloops, stayed with my cousin’s family in Langley then enjoyed part of a day in Vancouver with Kent’s cousin that lives a block from the water in Kitsalano. Heading out to brunch in Yaletown at Craffles (yum!!), we had a surprise of running into my cousin and his wife that were also out visiting in Vancouver and were eating at the same restaurant. Completely random things just happening like that are so cool!!

That was the view on our arrival to Nanaimo. Next up to be shared here is our time on Vancouver Island. If you have any questions, leave me a comment below!

Medium format film images were processed and scanned by Canadian Film Lab.

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