Radville Graduation | Cody

It was the morning of Radville graduation. Later than the typical May long weekend of Radville graduation in previous years and to the benefit of farming families. However with a later start this spring, farmers were still finishing up seeding. A rain shower in the night had me skidding around on the muddy gravel roads to the Ceylon area and made me a little nervous for how wet the desired locations might be. So it was a relief that although there were puddles in their yard the grassy areas quickly dried and everything went well! Cody’s red truck was polished up and shining and he was looking good too. All dressed up in a nice outfit that suited him and ready for grad photos!! After capturing him I went to photograph his cousin that also graduated then back for his family to join before they headed off to the grad ceremony.

I really feel like I luck out with the graduates I get to photograph!! They are super great kids and make having them in front of my camera enjoyable! Cody is a really nice guy and also so easy going. There’s significance with his VR ring that both his Dad and Grandpa have as it’s their cattle brand and was a gift from his Grandpa. Cody likes the farm so it worked well to end in a pasture with cows in the distance. It was great to photograph and be around him plus get to know their family! Having families be part of graduation photos is always special and meaningful. This was the last high school graduation for their family as he has older twin sisters. Often grad sessions happen on a day other than graduation day but being that this was actually the day of their graduation ceremony and after party there was extra excitement in the air!!

Congratulations on your graduation Cody! All the best in your future!!

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