Jenelle Quigley…

Born and raised on a farm in southern Saskatchewan, I grew up enjoying the simplistic beauty of the vast space and faraway horizons of the prairies.  I worked in various parts of Western Canada after high school and travelled at any opportunity. Then returned again to southern Saskatchewan in 2011 with my husband.  We enjoy our freedom and space here, living in the country near a very small town called Tribune. I daily feel inspired by and in awe of nature and love taking in the grandiose prairie skies.

I love to travel, and have been fortunate to experience many incredible adventures spanning the globe!  World travel has enabled me to expand my comfort zone and to thrive in the process. I have travelled to Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Europe, Central America, Brazil, the Cook Islands, Caribbean, and I feel like there is so much more of this beautiful world I have yet to see. My list is ever growing, including much of our own country too.

The photographs from each adventure are treasured as they can take me back to relive that exact moment. Photographs that liven my senses and inspire my heart.  Taking in the varied landscapes, cultures and people of the world makes me appreciate the beauties within and surrounding us and contributes greatly to my passion for photography. To preserve life’s moments through photography with an authentic approach.  Discovering, cherishing, capturing.

What made me want to start a photography business?

Returning to our home in Cochrane, Alberta in 2009 from a nearly 5 months travel adventure overseas with my husband, I knew I was ready for a challenge and creativity that my current corporate work didn’t provide. Having my DSLR camera daily in hand as we travelled in 11 countries inspired me to tell stories through photography. I started BEAUTI photography shortly after and rebranded to Jenelle Quigley Photography in 2022.

Photography truly is a gift in my life that I want to share with others! I strive to create photographs with timeless beauty and hope the photographs I capture close to home and further abroad appeal to others and will be enjoyed on the wall of your own home + office spaces too! Bringing the beauty of our world home!

Help Make a Difference

From the first thoughts of opening a Wall Art shop, I’ve wanted to give back. 5% of all sales will annually be donated to charities and causes that benefit our local area and globally.

Donations are made, but not limited, to:

Connect With Me

For inquiries, questions or just to say hello, please fill out the form below or write me an email at info@jenellequigley.com.