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Taking 5 year old photos of this goofball was very entertaining when we were out in BC this fall. If you saw the reel I posted on Instagram you understand what I mean!! It was like he had the wiggles and couldn’t stop moving. An extra challenge as I was photographing him with my manual focus medium format film camera. Which is a real test of skill to nail the focus with a non-stop moving subject! While also trying to not laugh myself because that doesn’t help to keep the camera from shaking!! We had fun at a park and beach by the lake and took a few photos at Davison Orchards as well. A place that my sister takes him often, especially in the summer. It’s a great place to take kids with lots to see and do!!

Blu is an energetic and delightful boy. He officially turned five shortly after our visit. There are no dull moments with him, he is smart and says the cutest things. It’s pretty special being his Auntie and getting to spend time with him!! It was fun to capture these 5 year old photos. It’s unbelievable how quick the first five years of his life have gone! I hope we get to see this handsome, sweet boy again soon and explore around the beautiful Okanagan area that he’s lucky to live in! He’s a cute tour guide and happy to go on adventures. So we like checking out the old favorites and new spots with him when we’re there!

Medium format film images were processed and scanned by Canadian Film Lab.

Here are some other photo sessions of Blu throughout the years: 4 Years | 3 Years | 2 Years | 1 Year

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