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The years go by quick and the kids grow up fast rings true here. Even though these are a nephew and nieces that we’ve lived closest to for the longest, the years still go by in a hurry. This is one of my three sisters and her beautiful family! The whole family this time!! I photograph the kids’ school photos each year. My sister has come to my annual A Mother’s Love several times. But we’ve been trying for a few years to take updated family photos. Life is busy and for one reason or another it hasn’t worked out. When work and sports schedules along with the weather all aligned in October we were able to take these fall photos. At the peak of pretty colors at the Oungre Park too!

I need to have an auntie brag moment here. All three kids were in fall musical theatre productions. They did an absolutely fantastic job playing their roles and both schools put on really fun performances to watch. They are multi-talented kids that do well in school, sports and music too. I don’t get to all their games and activities but I’m glad when I do! We love seeing their family often and am thankful to have one of my sisters close by!! Getting to take fall photos to update their family photos was a great time. I know they’re being shared around and I’m happy to post these happy moments on here too!!

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