Happy Love Day | Pink Wall in Nanaimo

Happy Love Day!!

I have some fun photos to share today from when a couple of our nieces visited us here on Vancouver Island at the start of February. We had a really great weekend! There was a thought in mind around then to capture something fresh thinking of Valentine’s Day approaching and Jenny just happened to pack this gorgeous, ruffled pink skirt in her bag! We also just happened to drive by this intriguing, colored wall in Nanaimo. It was so perfect!! Shooting in direct sunlight was the only option that time of day and also a bit different than my typical lighting for photos but I love the results. I’m also really glad the sun was shining as it made the colors pop. The wall seemed to change colors depending on the direction and reflection of light. It was really cool!! These photos of these beautiful young ladies make me smile!

Whatever your thoughts are on Valentine’s Day and Hallmark holidays in general, a day that is centred around love and showing affection is what the world needs to be reminded of! Show a little extra love to yourself, your spouse, your family, your friends, your co-workers and the random strangers that you come in contact with today. I also think it’s a wonderful reminder that showing more love and kindness on the daily will promote a happier world to live in. Happy Love Day! I hope you love and feel loved a bit extra today!!

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