Radville Graduation 2023 | Kamrie

Next up from Radville Graduation 2023 is this beautiful gal with a great personality! It was neat getting to photograph her cousin Cody on the same day as they live fairly close and were in the same graduating class. Kamrie’s bright pink grad dress was a fun pop of color in the summer hills. She wanted photos with her horse which if you’ve been around here for very long you know that they are likely my favorite animal to have included in photos. They are beautiful and elegant. Plus I’m always glad when someone else knows how to handle them and Kamrie’s horse was very cooperative! Then we headed out from the yard to a pretty pasture on their ranch near Ceylon. They are fortunate I don’t live closer or I’d be trying to get permission to take photos here in the hills more often!

It was nice of her Dad to drive us to the locations and wait patiently as we took photos. I have to add this because it made us giggle but I also understand having a spectator when you’re being photographed. Kamrie requested for her Dad to turn the vehicle around and look in the other direction!! She is hilarious! There were no sneak peeks for the chauffeur!! We had lots of sunshine on her graduation morning. It was a fun week of celebrating graduation and special to capture the excitement on a significant day! Kamrie’s family met us at an abandoned yard for photos before they headed off to the high school for Radville Graduation 2023.

Congratulations Kamrie!! I hope you had a fabulous summer in BC and wish you a bright, happy future!

Dress: New Line Fashion

Corsage: Bless Your Heart Creations

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