Weyburn Graduate, Class of 2022 | Tre

Randomly bumping into this couple in the pool at the Moose Jaw spa led to photographing their Class of 2022 graduate and wonderful family! Another excited Weyburn graduate to be celebrating the end of his high school days. These photos were taken just days after their graduation weekend which I think always makes it feel more real. It was a fun photo session! Capturing this year’s graduates has been great and most of them have included their families too which is special. I grew up just a mile across the field from the farm where Tre’s Dad grew up. So it’s been really nice to get to know their kind, friendly, happy family now.

His Dad knew just the comment to make to bring out the best smiles from Tre!! I thought there was an inside joke about his eyelashes but it was a random comment that evening which made him laugh. And every time it was said after that too! It worked well to capture Tre’s genuine smile. There have been a few times this summer that the temperature really dipped and this was a windy evening then it really cooled off as our time together went on. They did fantastic though and it was a fun evening with this Weyburn graduate, their family and Tre’s sweet girlfriend! They are a biking and quading family so it was perfect to include Tre’s motorbike. Tre was extra fancy, dressed in his suit, to ride his motorbike. So between that and his eyelashes, I’m sure he was turning heads on the road!

Congratulations Tre!! All the best in your future endeavours! And please ride safe.

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