Besties in the Mountains | Mia and Lene

The other part of Mia’s graduation photos in the mountains was that her best friend, Lene, came down from Edmonton with them too. I had a great time photographing these besties in the mountains!! These beautiful gals are fun-loving, hilarious and a blast to be around. There was heaps of laughter, inside jokes and lots of entertaining comments. With a very carefree and happy feeling throughout our time together. Knowing there was excitement to have high school days coming to an end and a bright future with all the possibilities! They listed off the sports that they are both in and I don’t know if there could be anything offered at their school that they haven’t participated in!! I’m sure they will continue to be each other’s cheerleader even when university moves them further apart in distance too.

Photographing these girls together and seeing their close friendship was very sweet! Throughout Mia’s grad photos in Canmore and Banff, Lene would join her for photos too. In and out of the photos she kept her best friend smiling! These two are adventurous even in high heels and were up for anything. Wading through the lake and throughout it all keeping things playful and fun. The girls put lots of thought into planning a wonderful picnic with all the details covered which was a perfect way to wrap up a beautiful besties in the mountains photo shoot!! If I could relive this enjoyable day I would be thrilled to!

A quick outfit change to a more casual look for their picnic with the mountain scenery around them. When I say they had all the details thought through they really did! They kept pulling things out of the picnic backpack. It was adorable to capture them in the sunshine! Sipping sodas, enjoying the scenery and eating delicious sandwiches and treats they had picked up from the Italian Centre.

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