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Catching up with this beautiful family again this summer was really nice! These were Tribune area extended family photos that I was looking forward to for about two years. They planned well in advance for when the oldest grandchild would be graduating and it was the exact day of a 45th wedding anniversary!! Definitely reasons to get their family together and celebrate! The last time I photographed their wonderful family was five years prior, to the day. Those milestone anniversary bring them all together and having that occasion captured with a family photo shoot is really special! The kids have grown so much in five years and it was fun to see them all again.

It amused me that I’d had this photo session on the calendar for so long and then it just so happened with our move to end up being the day after we moved away from the Tribune area. A place we called home for 12 years and a fantastic community that we enjoyed being a part of! When I left from their farm I drove past our acreage and already didn’t feel that was home anymore. But I’m thankful for our time in that area, the great people it connected us to and many wonderful memories of our time there. And hopefully have clients that will continue to bring me back there to capture memorable times for them.

We had a hot, sunny day which planning so far in advance it felt like we were very lucky! That’s summer on the prairies really though. Enjoy scrolling through these Tribune area extended family photos, they are such a great family and everyone looked fantastic! I loved seeing them enjoy being together and to have the privilege to enjoy a visit while updating their family photos!! I’m going to split this up so the next blog post will be focused more on the gorgeous graduate and their family.

Congratulations Dallas + Wendy! You two are a wonderful example to your family. Wishes for many more happy years of marriage!!

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